Book Review: Nudge by Thaler & Sunstein

While discussing the choices I influence by creating and designing for marketing strategy, a friend suggested I read the book Nudge - Improving Decisions About Health, Wealth, and Happiness by Thaler and ...

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Flan in a Jar

I made flan in a jar! It tastes so good! The recipe will be posted within a week or so on the site I write for.


One of the developers I work with is sending me this book. So stoked on learning new things. Have a big project on the to do list that involves integration ...

Another site done!

Yaaay! This is a redesign of the first site I designed for him. Always feels good to finish projects.


Being an entrepreneur inevitably means having to stomach a lot of rejection and even more failure, time and again. But just like burning old growth produces a better place for ...